Everybody knows that the beginning of a new school year can be stressful for kids, but what about the parents? Here are 3 “back to school stress” tips, that will allow parents to have an easier, less stressful time, when school starts back up for their children.

Find What you Already Have

Most schools send out notices, detailing different items a child will need to bring in with them, for the new school year. Don’t wait till a few days before the school doors open to begin the process of gathering all of these items. Most things from the previous year such as scissors, markers, rulers, erasers, calculators, etc., can be collected and stashed away early, rather than struggling to find all of it the night before they need to start school.

Clothes Shopping

Take the time throughout the summer to get some good school clothes for the kids. This is easier to do gradually as you can, than it is to cram it in at the last minute.

Sleeping Routines

With summer comes a loosening of the reigns when it comes to bed time and waking time. A few weeks out from the beginning of school, start to gradually pull those reigns back. Eventually, waking up “school kind of early” won’t be a shock to the system to you or the kids.

Do these things as you can earlier on, rather than waiting until you haveto do them. These three simple steps will greatly reduce the back to school stress that fall upon your shoulders, and will cause for a smooth transition from summertime freedom- to schooltime routine.

Stress is our response to what is happening around us.

Maye Angelastro, LMHC

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