Up until now, life experiences have managed to fog our lenses to the outside world. The reality is that outside validation produces glass ceilings. I believe the real magic happens when we tap into our limitless potential and decide to access the greatness we all have within. 

Using my expertise in behavioral and positive psychology, I coach individuals on the practical ways to achieve and maintain transformation, expansion, and consistent growth. 

I channeled my 15+ years of finance, personal growth and mental health experience to help individuals achieve breakthroughs in their interpersonal relationships, career, finances, and business as I specialize in how the mindset affects human behaviors. This unique blend of expertise allows me to help others reset their mindset and achieve a new height of results. 

“Life is not about

finding yourself.

It is about

creating yourself.”

George Bernard Sham

Mindset Reset Coaching

with Maye Angelastro, LMHC

Benefits of Mindset Coaching: 

  • Attain personal development
  • Attain accountability throughout your journey
  • Attain personal discovery and clarity
  • Attain the ability to implement sustainable goals

Reasons for Mindset Coaching:

  • Feeling “stuck” in life
  • Dealing with self-doubt
  • Difficulties with life Transitions
  • Stress management
  • Inability to follow through or prioritize

Regardless of where you are in life, we can all fall into what I like to call a “decision coma”. Learn how a Mindset Reset can capture your strengths so you can soar amid the challenges.

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