a letter from maye

Hello There!
I’m delighted you’re visiting my space here. I wish for you to join me at my favorite Café and enjoy a cup of coffee together. A place we can connect. I’d be drinking my favorite, a lavender latte with oatmilk. I would offer different flavors of coffee (your favorites) because being together and enjoying time with others makes me joyous. That is what Coffee + Reflection is about, engaging and connecting. Coffee + Reflection encourages visitors to relax and unwind while being open to chatting about life’s realities. Coffee + Reflection is a place to connect through relatable topics that may be misunderstood or sounds too messy to share with others, even those who are close to us. From relationships to careers to marriage, Maye shares life experiences and knowledge that helps many worldwide.

Coffee + Reflection Now Live

Looking to shift your mindset and become positively aligned with your dreams? Maye Angelastro, shares suggestions, ideas and inspiring discussions on how to reframe your perspective to cultivate a positive growth mindset and live life with intentionality. Grab your coffee and reflect with Maye on discovering how to fall in love with the journey and not the outcome.

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