Hi! My name is Jesel Rubin, a bilingual (Spanish/English) Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern.

Are you tired of your current situation? Feeling hopeless as if there is no other means or solutions? Do you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom? Marital problems, work-related concerns, family conflicts, grief, and financial issues can be the leading cause of, depression, anxiety, distrust, and loneliness. Life is too short to feel these types pressures.

In this world life can be chaotic, but living in a world of chaos is what connects us. I have helped many clients achieve their goals for success, by providing them with a safe, non-judgmental environment where they can freely express their deepest thoughts, gain a sense of belonging, and obtain techniques and skills that will help them overcome the challenges of life. I will provide you with a client-centered approach offering you that one on one undivided attention you need to feel heard and understood and acquire meaningful purpose in order to achieve a greater quality of life.

During our therapeutic sessions, we will work on identifying triggers that provoke your symptoms, I will teach you coping skills and techniques to help you manage and overcome the symptoms, and finally, you will have the opportunity to implement those learned skills.

Life is stressful, and I can help you learn how to survive and thrive in today’s society. Call today to book your appointment. Go from stress to greater success!  321-247-8557 call today!

Under the supervision with a Licensed Mental Health Counselor

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