Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest and motivation. Major depressive disorders or clinical depression affect how an individual feels, thinks, and behaves. Thus, causing people diagnosed with depression to experience various emotional and physical problems. Do you have a friend, relative or close one suffering from depression? If you don’t know how you can support your loved ones with depression, then don’t worry because this article will elaborate on the best ways how you can help or support a depressed person.

A Few Ways How You Can Support Someone With Depression 

Living with a depressed family member or friend can be hard, and someone who loves and cares about them would want to know how to make them feel better and help them treat their condition. Here are a few ways how you can support your depressed close ones:

1. Don’t sugarcoat or hide the issue. 

Hiding the issue won’t resolve it but talking about the solutions to that problem will! You must never try to make your loved ones feel better by making excuses, covering up the problem, or lying to them. In that case, you may prevent them from seeking treatment, eventually worsening their condition. 

2. Stop thinking that you can fix someone’s depression.

I understand that you want to help your loved ones, but you can’t ‘rescue’ them. The only thing you can do best offers them ultimate love and support. You shouldn’t blame yourself for their condition or be responsible for their happiness. Try to understand what they want and give them care, support and love when they most need it to improve their condition. 

3. Your loved ones aren’t lazy or unmotivated. 

Depression drains a person’s optimism and energy, so you shouldn’t blame them for always feeling exhausted all the time. Instead of pointing out their flaws, you should always encourage and treat them patiently as supporters.

Depression is a treatable mental disorder. Indeed, there are many ways to treat depression, but operating like a support system for depressed patients will boost their recovery speed and help them live better lives. 

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