Those who place a high value on luck would describe themselves as either lucky or unlucky as if luck were a constant and permanent feature of their character. But researchers that focus on luck nearly invariably have an entirely different viewpoint.

In psychology, attributions are frequently seen to entail luck. An attribution is a conclusion we make about the cause of a specific event or the rationale for a particular occurrence in the world.

We frequently blame our skills, the amount of effort we put in, the difficulty of the task, or even good luck when trying to pinpoint what caused a specific incident.

The person doing the attributing can have some control over internal, largely stable, and subjective criteria, likeability and effort. We have no control over the complexity of the task or the luck. Thus they are more unpredictable and difficult to affect.

How do people believe they are lucky?

There are several reasons why people believe they are lucky, and it is a highly subjective experience. Some common reasons include:

  • Positive past experiences: People believe they are lucky if they have had successful experiences in the past. Successful experiences could include winning first prize in any competition or surviving a dangerous situation. If people generally win in various aspects of their lives, they believe they are lucky.
  • Success or fortune: People may believe they are lucky if, the majority of the time, they have experienced success in various areas of their life, such as careers, finances, relationships, or health.
  • Perspective that is positive: People with an optimistic outlook prefer to concentrate on the positive aspects of life and are, therefore, more inclined to see opportunities for personal development and advancement. As a result, these individuals may experience feelings of success and luck even when faced with challenging circumstances.
  • Practice gratitude: Grateful people have a greater propensity to experience feelings of luck since they are more inclined to concentrate on the positive aspects of their lives and less likely to focus. 

Whether a person feels lucky is a personal perception influenced by the ideas, attitudes, and experiences unique to that person. On the other hand, having a grateful mindset and an optimistic view can make a person feel luckier, regardless of the situation they find themselves in.

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Author: Mayeling Angelastro MA, LMHC is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor dedicated in helping individuals, families, couples, children and teenagers in the Horizon West, Windermere and Dr Phillips area.

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