Hello February! We all know February as the “Love” month. After all, Valentine’s Day is all about love and relationships, right?!?!? As we all prepare for the romantic gestures, Pinterest-inspired crafts and goodies, we must remember to first show ourselves some LOVE. Yes, if we want to improve our relationships and spread love, we first need to love ourselves.

However, loving ourself is not as simple as it sounds. Many of us deal with self-doubt, low self-esteem or low self-confidence. These feelings can limit our behaviors and perhaps February adds a bit of nostalgia. In honor of the “Love Month”, lets talk about The 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman. According to Chapman, we typically demonstrate love in 5 ways. He attests we show love through Acts of Service, Gifts, Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, and Quality Time. You can learn more about this on his book titled The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.

Typically everyone would have their primary and secondary preferred love language. However, as loving beings, we will always appreciate ALL of the love languages. On this Valentine’s Day challenge yourself to practice these love languages on yourself. Below are 5 easy tips on how to practice the love languages on yourself:

1.Words of Affirmation: Praise yourself in something simple you accomplished. Even if it’s laundry after a complicated day. Write love notes to yourself expressing gratitude and kindness then leave them next to the coffee pot.

2. Quality Time: Do something you like to do by yourself. You don’t have to go away from home (it’s good if you do! Kids find you anywhere). Make sure it’s something that makes you feel good! Ex. Gym, girls night, bubble bath, pampering, massage, etc.

3. GiftsHead to your favorite store and buy yourself an outfit that fits you good!!!! Even if you are trying to loose weight! Or buy yourself jewelry, shoes, purse or whatever!!!! The purpose is to feel loved with the gift you bought for the most important person, YOU.

4. Acts of Service Do a random act of kindness that uplifts you. It can be for yourself or others as long as it makes you feel special and accomplished.

5. Physical TouchGo for a massage or indulge in a spa! It’s filled with appropriate touching!!!! Be generous to yourself. And if time is an issue then get a pedicure, it usually includes a quick foot massage.

There you have it. A quick and easy list of ways you can show some lovin’ to yourself. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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