Hello March! I think the cold weather will be leaving us in Florida soon enough. Nevertheless, Spring break is around the corner so I hope everyone is ready for a little break. This month I want to reflect on what I call my “gut” feelings. We are all aware of how our emotions affect our stomach. But did you know how correlated our emotions are with our gut? It turns out that our gut is sometimes referred to as the “second brain”. Recent research suggests that imbalances in your gut microbiota can lead to mental health disorders. As a matter of fact, serotonin is produced in your gut!!!! When I discovered this information I became super aware and intentional on how nutrition affects my mood. If my gut has an important role on how I feel then I have much more control on regulating how my body reacts. I have a new respect for my “gut feelings” and upon this reflection I encourage everyone to pay attention to their “gut feelings”. 

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