Happy September!!! Hoping that everyone is safe from our last storm. This month’s reflection is about protecting your inner peace. Have you ever been in a situation where you feel like you are trying too hard to prove yourself to someone else? Have you noticed how that interaction is feeling inside? Sometimes we get wrapped up on convincing others of who we are that in the process we disrupt our inner peace. We do this for many reasons. I can confess that this happens to me more often that I would want to.  And when I catch myself starting to feel unsettled it causes my anxiety to show up. Becoming aware of your own responses to situations, people and places are an integral part of identifying what disrupts your inner peace. We all have a moral compass inside. We are capable of identifying which way we are heading and wether or not we are okay with that path. Take a moment and reflect on what you need to change to protect your inner peace.

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