Hello there and welcome August! And just like that summer has come to an end. I was reflecting on the summer ending and realized how easy it is to miss the moments when you are busy planning away. Throughout the summer the kids are home and we spend more time together with families. But, have you taken a sabbatical from the hustle and bustle? A sabbatical is an intentional break from your typical day to day. Obviously, some of us are not able to take a long time off from work and well our responsibilities never take a break. However, I decided to take a sabbatical leave in July. Even though I was at the office and working with clients, I took an intentional break from controlling everything and planning everything. I let go some responsibilities (the podcast will come back lol) and embraced time with family and friends. Now that August is here, I feel recharged to tackle the back to school madness and everything the seasons will bring. I highly encourage everyone to identify what a sabbatical looks like within your lifestyle and make it attainable.

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