It can be scary at times. We get used to a specific scenario and learn how to be comfortable there. However there is no growth in these places. Growth happens in uncomfortable places. Growth happens in doing the things that perhaps scares you. I am referring to fear not unkindness nor unfair actions towards others. I am referring to that specific sensation deep in your gut that feels like a ball and chain or maybe it feels like a block in your gut. As a mother I can better related it to the feeling of labor and delivery. Nerve-wrecking and scary but 100% necessary to give birth to the new bundle of joy. Are there risks? Absolutely. But What doesn’t? Everything we do in life has risks or better said anything worth doing in life have these risks. Therefore, the art of letting go means giving yourself permission to embrace change. It means allowing growing pains to groom newer heights in your life. Letting go resembles our true trust and faith that better things always happen. Fear only stops growth. Letting go that fear means a new chapter is opening. A continuous flow can still happen even with small rocks on the way. However, allowing boulders to stay will only block the flow. So learn the art of letting go. 

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