The American Psychological Association says having an unorganized room decreases your focus and influences your decision-making abilities. 

Whether it’s a messy desk, a haphazard closet, or a chaotic room, all of these can decrease your productivity and make you more anxious. 

So, today we are going to explore how organizing mental healthimpacts of organizing, and some tips to implement it in your life

Why Is Clutter Bad For Your Brain?

Our brain prefers things to be neat and organized. Seeing a lot of mess around us makes it harder for it to focus and work properly.

Studies show that living in a cluttered space can quickly drain your energy, and make you less productive, leading to wasted time searching for things, missing appointments, or falling behind at work or school.

It can also: 

● Impact your memory

● Make you eat unhealthy foods

● Give you mood swings

● Make it harder to control your impulses 

● Lead to chronic anxiety

How Does Home Organizing Impact Mental Health? 

A 2019 study explored the mental health benefits of decluttering and concluded that when people cleaned up their homes and workplaces, they could focus better and think more clearly. 

Recently we are witnessing a surge in the decluttering industry, specifically in America. If you’re active on social media, you might also have seen those “decluttering service” posts on your feed.

Even though it might not magically improve your mental health problems within days, science does show that keeping things organized has its own perks. 

See What Is Stopping You From Getting Organized 

Even if you realize that your messy home is making you stressed, it is tough to tidy it up. 

Let’s see why you’re not getting organized even though you want to: 

● The sheer magnitude of the task can be daunting and can lead to procrastination.

● Busy schedules and other commitments make it difficult to dedicate time to organizing stuff.

● Difficulty in identifying what to keep, toss, or donate can stall progress. This is called clutter blindness

● Striving for flawlessness can lead to paralysis, as the task never feels “complete.” 

What Are the Mental Health Benefits of Decluttering?

Let’s unveil the mental health benefits of decluttering:

1. Keeping your space neat can help you feel calmer, especially when you’re busy. You no longer need to be searching for things in a messy space, which can be frustrating and time-consuming. 

2. A clean and organized environment creates a positive atmosphere, reducing stress and making you feel more relaxed at home. 

3. Getting rid of stuff you don’t need can make you feel better.

4. Research shows that mess can stress you out, but being organized can help you focus better, sleep well, and improve your mental health and relationships

5. Organizing things helps you find what you already have, so you don’t buy unnecessary items. It saves you a lot of money and you do not find yourself in a financial crisis. 

Here Are 5 Tips To Declutter Your Space! 

Here are some simple tips to help you clean up your space:

1. Break your cleaning task into smaller parts so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Focus on cleaning one area before moving on to the next. 

2. If your space is full, try getting rid of large things first, like furniture, to make space for smaller things.

3. Put similar items together, like books or clothes, and think about giving away or selling things you don’t need.

4. If you’re finding it overwhelming to organize your space, you can ask your friends or family members to help you out. 

5. Try to make it a routine instead of a one-time task. Doing things at the same time every day makes you feel less stressed. 

To Sum it Up! 

It takes time and effort to improve your mental health, but by organizing your stuff, you can make your life more enjoyable and easier. 

And guess what? It’s not just about getting organized; decluttering gives you a break from your intrusive thoughts, reduces stress, and increases your productivity. 

So, take some time to tidy up your room and experience the mental health benefits of decluttering today! 


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Maye is a skilled, compassionate, empathetic, bilingual (Spanish) and solutions-oriented licensed mental health counselor dedicated to maximizing an individual’s potential. Using her expertise in behavioral and positive psychology she coaches and counsels individuals on the practical ways to achieve and maintain transformation, expansion, and consistent growth. 

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