Hello Spring Season! I love this season. It’s the fresh crisp air, spring dresses and blooming flowers. Spring helps me look into myself and reflect on what needs to bloom within me. As I see the trees and flowers grow and bloom into their ultimate state, I can’t imagine that we don’t undergo the same process. One of the things that came up for me was CONFIDENCE. Low self confidence shows up as self-doubt, inferiority, difficulty trusting and sensitivity to criticism. At some point we all experience low self confidence. But did you know that one of the definitions of confidence is “a feeling or consciousness of one’s powers OR of one’s resilience on one’s circumstances”. When I learned the true meaning of confidence it became a game changer. It means that we can bloom into our own confidence. It means that it is attainable and can be part of our journey. You see I always thought it was something you achieve. Instead, confidence is something we continue to experience on and off depending on your perspective and/or journey. We can totally feel confident in one situation and not on another. Confidence is interchangeable like the seasons. So this spring reflect on how you can bloom into your own confidence and what changes are required for your process.

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