Did you know that gratitude can improve your mental health? Well, hello there! This month we are all about gratitude and thanksgiving. It turns out that practicing gratitude has shown to improve mental health and dissipate symptoms of depression and anxiety. According to research published on American Psychological Association, gratitude practices were related to improved mental health, better sleep, lower levels of inflammation related to cardiac health and less fatigue. AMAZING! Gratitude is not a simple Thank You during meal time (although a great start). Practicing gratitude is the state of feeling thankful. It is intentional work on finding those positives in your life. It is making an effort to identify the small things in life that we tend to overlook such as breathing. Now, there are multitudes of way we can practice gratitude. Find a simple way to either start your day or end your day with gratitude for a week. Then notice the changes within yourself throughout or after the week of practicing gratitude. How do you feel?

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