Hello February!!!!!! I LOVE this month for 2 main reasons: My Birthday month and the Love Month!!!!!!!

I want to encourage everyone this month to love themselves! I am a huge supporter of self-love. The internet is full of ideas on how to spend Valentines day whether is by yourself, your partner or Galentines (my favorite). However, I want to share one of my favorite activities to practice self love: A Love Letter to Myself. On special occasions I tend to write a love letter to myself and sometimes that may be to my future self or to my past self. This Valentines day take a moment for YOU. Below are my personal suggestions on how I do my love letter:

1. Set up the scene: I light up a candle and turn on relaxing music (its different for everyone). My room lighting is softer than usual so I leave one lamp on.
2. Dress up: I start with a warm shower using my favorite night soap (Sleep Aromatherapy from Bath and Body). I put-on my favorite pjs and cozy socks.
3. Nighttime drink: Now this differs depending on the occasion. I have prepared a tea at times, a glass of wine or even a glass of rose. Be creative and use whatever makes you feel loved.
4. I grab my journal and write a love letter to myself.

There you have it! I am wishing you all a month full of self love and self compassion and dont forget to put yourself first. You deserve it!!!!!!

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