Hi there! Have you heard about Lucky Girl Syndrome on TikTok? Let me fill you in. Lucky girl syndrome is the belief that affirmative mantras and a positive mind-set in life will bend everyday events in your favor. Many people on TikTok are sharing how these practices have helped them obtain what they want in life and claiming luck. As I watched these videos I realized the common denominator. I love to see the power of positivity and mindset reframing. As a licensed mental health counselor, I consistently encourage my clients to reframe their narrative and focus on perspective. We all experience positive and negative things in life. How we react to these events will determine different outcomes. Positive affirmations has been a tool used in psychology for many years and it is indeed effective. Regardless of how we call it (lucky girl syndrome, manifestation, the secret, etc) , being intentional of your thoughts and reframing the cognition can change perspective and behaviors. So go ahead and be positive or lucky or intentional and continue with positive self talk. 

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