Happy New Year!!!!!! Welcome 2023….. How excited are we for this new year? I know I am thrilled for new beginnings. Now that the holidays are over we tend to regain focus on ourselves and go on repair mode. This is the time of the year where the gym is packed and everyone is looking into wellness. Like many of you, I focus on my health and body. I start paying more attention to how my body is doing and look for the areas that need more TLC. I practice something called Body Kindness by Rebecca Scritchield. I love the concept of self compassion and being kind to your body. In Body Kindness, you learn how to transform your health from the inside and how to listen to your body instead of diet fads. This month remember to not engage in deprivation and punishment behaviors. Our body deserves the right to be healthy and happy and we can make better choices tailored to our individual lifestyle. We are all different so embrace that!!!!!

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