And just like that it is October!!!! It is that time of the year for pumpkin everything and sweater weather. In honor of Halloween month, I want to talk about fears. I want to specifically talk about FEAR-BASED decisions. Many of us struggle with control or wanting control over our lives and/or outcome. Our desire to control our lives leads us to make emotion-based decisions without really analyzing consequences or intentions. Fear-based decision gives us a false illusion on controlling outcome. We believe that we can avoid fears by controlling everything around us. I have learned that control is a complete illusion based on 50/50 chances validating our perceived outcomes. My October reflection is to never make permanent decisions on temporary situations. We are the most vulnerable under stressful situations and therefore will make more fear-based decisions. Be present and allow yourself to feel. It is ok to not be ok and it is ok to be scared. Embrace these emotions but be real with yourself.

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